50 Years of Excellence: A look at Hazelmere Golf Course


A lot of things happened that year. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Marilyn Monroe’s death. Demi Moore’s birth. The first Wal-Mart opened and Brazil won the World Cup (again). It was also the year the first US rocket landed on the moon, Jamaica gained independence from Great Britain, and The Beatles released ‘Love Me Do’. Something else happened in 1962, and while it didn’t necessarily make the history books, it is part of Surrey’s history, and something worth celebrating. It was the birth of Hazelmere Golf Course.

The game of golf has evolved in the last five decades. Equipment has become more sophisticated. The rules have been tweaked. There is a greater emphasis on fitness, and professionally, there is a lot more money to be made! But despite these changes, some things remain the same. Golf is an activity that you don’t have to be great at to enjoy. And it’s a sport that doesn’t discriminate. The green doesn’t recognise background, skill level, age or gender.

Hazelmere Golf Course has been dedicated to bringing quality golf to the masses for over fifty years, maintaining a reputation for excellence since it opened in 1962 and earning a place among the finest golf courses in BC. In 2003 they finished a set of renovations, the highlight being a natural grass practice facility, complete with five target greens and a practice fairway bunker. From 2006 to 2008, they had the honour of hosting the Greater Vancouver Charity Classic.

For those who don’t play, Hazelmere also boasts a number of attractive features: the elegant, spacious Clubhouse, their famous award-winning Sunday Brunch, and the finest tennis facility in the Fraser Valley. They also serve as the picture-perfect venue for weddings and events.

Hazelmere Golf Course is a partner of Golf Surrey, an initiate that encourages golfers (and would-be golfers!) to explore Surrey’s premier golf courses. The Golf Surrey Pass offers one round of golf at each of the four participating courses: Hazelmere, Morgan Creek, Peace Portal and Northview, as well as 10% off additional rack rates throughout the year. With the Golf Surrey Pass, you don’t have to commit to an annual membership at one single course, and if you are looking for a permanent golf home, then this is also a great way to explore the vast golfing options on offer in the region. Golf Surrey’s 2015 launches on May 11th. To purchase your pass, visit the Golf Surrey website or Tourism Surrey’s Visitor Centre.

Be sure to visit Hazelmere Golf Course and Tennis Club for great golf year round.