6 Reasons to Make Surrey Your Getaway Home Base

Planning a visit to Metro Vancouver and want to stay near Vancouver but not in Vancouver?  Look no further than Surrey! A haven for outdoor adventurers and city slickers alike, and known for its spectacular natural scenery, a wealth of green spaces and quirky mix of urban and rural, Surrey is a natural home base to explore the region.

Affordable accommodation – From four-stay hotels to “cheap and cheerful” motels, Surrey offers a diverse range of convenient accommodations. Where do you prefer to get your beauty sleep? Well-known and respected hotels? Or somewhere cute, quaint and a little bit different? There’s room for everyone and usually at lower rates than you’ll find downtown.

Wide-open spaces – These days we’re all looking for safe outdoor spaces to unwind and reconnect, and Surrey happens to be home to over 6,000 acres of parks and green spaces. From small oases tucked into charming neighbourhoods to vast wild green spaces, it’s easy to find wide-open spaces with fewer faces in Surrey.

Conveniently Located – With 4 Skytrain stations, and countless bus stops, public transit makes it easy, and affordable, to move around Surrey and beyond. Hop on the Skytrain and head to downtown Vancouver for a day of exploring, shopping and dining. Stop along the way to explore some of Metro Vancouver’s most diverse neighbourhoods! Discover the shopping mecca of Burnaby, home to Metropolis at Metrotown, BC’s largest shopping centre. And East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, also known as The Drive or Little Italy, is where you’ll find quirky boutiques, a vibrant collection of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and international food shops. To ride transit you’ll need to purchase a daily or one trip pass. Visit Translink for more information.

Great restaurantsSurrey’s culinary scene is delectable, diverse and dying to be discovered whether you’re craving ethnic cuisine, fine dining, quick and casual, or that quintessential West Coast meal. And in Surrey, it’s possible to dine around the world without ever having to pack your passport. Thai, Sushi, Mexican, South Asian, Fusion … it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; Surrey’s diverse dining scene will be sure to tantalize your taste buds.

ShoppingIs it really a getaway if you don’t come home with a few souvenirs? Browse unique, locally-owned shops for items that epitomize Surrey, like West Coast art, eco-conscious clothing, one-of-a-kind jewellery artisan foods and South Asian accessories. And if you’re looking to shop ‘til you drop, but are craving bigger, more familiar names, then don’t worry. We’ve got glitzy shopping centres carrying well-known brands that are sure to satiate the most devoted mall rat.

Quirky Attractions – Take some time to explore Surrey’s backroads and countryside and you’ll come across some of our more quirky attractions along the way. The Urban Safari Rescue Society is dedicated to teaching about conservation and visitors can meet exotic friends like snakes, lizards, turtles, ferrets and even Guinea Pigs. The HoneyBee Centre is a fun and exciting hub for honeybee education. And there’s a lot to learn, from how the bees live, work and produce their honey, to the important role they play on a grander scale.  The BC Vintage Truck Museum is a unique little gem that celebrates British Columbia’s trucking heritage with a captivating collection of more than twenty restored vehicles set against gorgeous dioramas depicting the old City of Surrey.