Accessible Attractions

Surrey is a city that’s constantly growing and full of endless possibilities, in fact, you could spend every day of the year discovering something completely brand new. We compiled this list especially for the explorers and the day dreamers. You know who you are, when you go somewhere you leave no stone un-turned. If you experience wanderlust and are in need of attractions to be fully accessible, then you, friend, have come to the right place!

Free Your Mind

Sometimes you just need to escape to another world, and the Ocean Park Library can help you do just that. Whether your go-to is romance, adventure, or even horror, all 6,500 sq ft of the library is fully accessible and guaranteed to help you find your perfect getaway. If you prefer to be the storyteller head over to Surrey Arts Centre for their newest exhibit. Canvas after canvas is displayed with bright beautiful colours to get your mind working in overdrive and provide inspiration for maybe your own great novel.


If instead you don’t want your mind to work very hard sit back and relax and enjoy a film at Landmark Cinemas. Providing exceptional and accessible service to its guests, Landmark Cinemas have fourteen screens to keep you from getting too bored. Bell Performing Arts Centre is another great option if you’re looking for some quality entertainment. Revolving shows come through the theatre so you’re sure to be in for a pleasant surprise if you’re the spontaneous type. Upcoming shows include Just for Laughs a comedy tour and an Elvis and a Fleetwood Mac tribute.


You can feel the chlorine on your skin at the South Surrey Indoor Pool. With automatic doors leading into the change rooms, a pool wheelchair, and grab bars and benches this pool has all the accessible features needed for you to take splash around with your loved ones. If the rain left behind some puddles take the opportunity to speed through the mud at Elgin Heritage Park. With 3 km of trails accessible to wheelchairs, Elgin Heritage Park gives guests the perfect chance to breathe in fresh air and experience the Pacific Northwest’s special wetlands. Visitors can also swing by the Historic Stewart Farm and get a glimpse into the Surrey’s heirtage.

No matter what your interests are Surrey has the opportunity for you to uncover an adventure of your own. Whether you’re travelling by yourself or in a big group take the chance to try something you have never done before and make the most of your time here in British Columbia. Happy exploring!