Being Punjabi: Unfolding the Surrey Story

Discover the stories of the Punjabi community at the Museum of Surrey’s first community-curated exhibition. The exhibition is a tribute to Punjabi community members who volunteered to share their stories, inviting us to celebrate Surrey’s diversity and to challenge assumptions we make about each other.

Over the next few years, the Museum of Surrey has committed to hosting annual community curated exhibits. As over 40% of Surrey’s recent immigrants come from South Asia, and Punjabi is the second most spoken language in Surrey, it was only natural that Punjabi be selected as the first community-led feature exhibition.

The exhibition has truly been community-led with a local advisory committee from Surrey’s Punjabi community who worked with museum staff to guide the direction of the exhibit. Sixteen local Punjabis have donated personal items to illustrate their stories of identity, history in Canada, struggles and successes. Exhibit highlights include a brick from the Komagata Maru, cooking tools from celebrity chef Vikram Vij, and sculptures, photographs and artifacts showcasing Surrey artists and their histories.

Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of four interactive elements and contribute their own stories to the exhibit, and by using the hashtag #MyPunjabiStory, the exhibit reaches beyond the walls of the Museum for anyone who wishes to share their experiences on-line.

Being Punjabi: Unfolding the Surrey Story is on until Feb 23, 2020 at the Museum of Surrey. Admission is free. Click the link for a virtual tour!