Celebrate Local… and WIN!

There’s a lot that makes Surrey special. We’re not just talking beautiful sights and sounds (but it’s got that too… in case you’re interested),  we’re talking about something that’s in the air, and in the hearts of those rooted and dedicated to the city. There’s deep passion for the community, and yearning to provide residents and visitors with nothing but the best. What can we say? We aim to please. Restaurateurs in Surrey are no stranger to this passion, and it’s what makes Surrey’s culinary scene such a hotspot for local love and camaraderie.

Food With Thought is an initiative that was launched by Tourism Surrey in February 2014 aimed at increasing food tourism in the region and introducing both locals and visitors alike to Surrey’s thriving culinary scene. Behind every meal is a story. How was it made? Who made it? What’s at its heart? The Food With Thought website is a stage that tells these stories and showcases the community that comprises Surrey’s culinary scene.

After reading our local tips, tricks and food stories, you’ll have a rumbling tummy and a thirst to explore the community and celebrate local for yourself! When you do, we want to hear about it.

Show us your celebration of all things local – from your farmers market haul to your date night dinner and everything in between. Be sure to use the hashtag #TrueSurrey to win a bevvy of generous prizes provided by numerous Food With Thought partners.

To learn more about Celebrate Local in addition to all the local culinary gems, head over to Food With Thought. Hunger may ensue.