Chopsticks on Pho

Come in from the cold, take a seat, and prepare yourself for a fabulous Pho experience.

Steven and Lynn were destined to meet. They hail from different parts of Vietnam and both relocated to Canada with their families at a young age. Finally, their paths met and they fell in love.  Lynn’s passions have always been food and people, and with a love of cooking inspired by her mother, she’d always dreamed of opening her own restaurant. With Steven’s encouragement and full support, twenty years after their first date, they opened Chopsticks on Pho in 2012.

Their success is not purely due to the mouth-watering menu, but also their impeccable  customer service which is praised by customers new and old. Steven and Lynn are there to  greet you at the door with a warm smile and a handshake, and are more than happy to help you navigate your Pho journey.

The space itself is unique for a Vietnamese restaurant. Chopsticks on Pho is an open-space concept that encourages communal dining and evokes the cozy feel of a family dinner at home.  The restaurant also includes an open-kitchen concept that gives you the chance to watch the staff making the Pho, wrapping the salad rolls and putting the finishing touches on your meal.

Pho broth is what makes the dish, and the flavourful broth at Chopsticks on Pho does not disappoint!  Their Vietnamese cuisine is made with the best of ingredients and boasts natural flavours without the addition of MSG.  There’s more to enjoy than just their popular staple, Pho.  Try sampling the spring rolls, salad rolls or the savoury Vietnamese Style Pad Thai.

Chopsticks on Pho is truly East meets West, a beautiful and modern bistro design that doesn’t sacrifice the delicious flavours of Vietnam and makes every guest feel like it’s their home away from home.