Love at First Bite

The stars were always going to align for Steven and Lynn. Hailing from very different parts of Vietnam, both relocated to Canada with their families when they were young. Meeting years later couldn’t be anything but chance but beautiful things can happen from happenstance – not only did they fall in love but twenty years after their first date, they opened a restaurant; and that’s when WE fell in love with them…

Lynn was always passionate about good folks and good food; and with a love for the culinary instilled by her mother, it’s no surprise that Chopsticks on Pho quickly became Surrey’s sweet little Vietnamese secret.

The restaurant’s success is due to more than its unforgettable menu – the customer service is one-of-a-kind as well. Steven and Lynn greet their customers at the door with smiles and a handshakes, but there’s more. The space is as unique as the proprietors’ story…

Chopsticks on Pho features an open-space concept that keeps it communal while evoking the coziness of a family dinner. The restaurant also includes an open-kitchen, giving customers ringside seats to the gastronomic gorgeousness that usually happens behind the kitchen door. But when it comes to mouthwatering memories, nothing says Chopsticks like the broth. It’s made with the best ingredients, boasting tantalizing natural flavours, sans MSG. Not a soup aficionado? There’s loads more on the menu to excite the taste buds. Try the sensational spring rolls, salad rolls, or the savoury Vietnamese Style Pad Thai.

Chopsticks on Pho is the quintessential collision of East and West – a beautiful, modern bistro that doesn’t sacrifice the flavours of Vietnam, doesn’t compromise on quality, and makes you feel like you just got home.

Chopstick on Pho. Vietnam isn’t as far away as you think.