Christmas Crafts in Cloverdale

Supporting your local crafters is a great way to support your local economy and build a stronger sense of community. Not only that, but you’re sure to find something you love that is 100% unique, since no two handmade products are totally alike. The downside to buying from crafters online from places like Etsy is that shipping can be prohibitively expensive, since crafters usually can’t afford to ship their products for free. That’s where the Cloverdale Crafts Fair steps in.

The Cloverdale Crafts Fair, associated with the Creative Craft Market, is a local initiative geared towards supporting the local crafting community by providing a place for local crafters to display and sell their lovingly crafted goods. This year the Fair is hosting their first ever Christmas Craft Fair. On November 3rd they’ll be filling up Shannon Hall (6050a 176th Street) with crafts and goods from dozens of local vendors. Their featured vendors include Sakura Sparkle Designs and Backcountry Market Handcrafted Soaps. Sakura Sparkle is a local company solely run by Sheryll Jane, who crafts West Coast inspired jewelry. Backcountry Market is run by Marnie Querques who handcrafts soaps in Langley from entirely natural ingredients.

Later this year the Cloverdale Crafts Fair will be setting up a permanent brick-and-mortar location that will be selling goods from local crafters. They will also be selling crafting equipment and offering workshops and lessons on how you can get started either as a hobbyist or to get your own crafting business off the ground.

The Christmas Craft Fair will be a regular fixture in Cloverdale every year. The organisation is also planning an annual “Crafter’s Garage Sale” to host each year in the spring. If you want to see what vendors will be attending, or if you’re an experienced crafter and want to get involved with the Craft Fair, visit their website!