Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday, you’ve got no plans. Your friends want to hang out, but you don’t want to go very far. Rest easy, because you can have a nice relaxing day out without leaving the neighbourhood.

Start your day off right with locally roasted coffee from Centric Culinary Inc. (18394 Fraser Highway). They roast coffee using a sustainable method that consumes significantly less energy than the standard roasting process. At Centric Culinary they keep their fridge stocked with freshly made cold coffee and healthy grab’n’go snacks aka ‘Clayton Bites.’ Stop by, have a snack, and listen to their record collection.

From Centric Culinary you could also take your food over to North Creek Park (6910 180 Street) and have yourself an impromptu picnic. North Creek winds through the cafe’s backyard, and is accessible just down the road. It was established to preserve the natural watershed and features a 100 metre pedestrian bridge that spans across North Creek. It’s a relaxing place lay on the grass, listen to the creek, and watch the clouds.

Make your way over to Charcoal & Woodz (17530 64 Avenue) to cap off your day for a delicious Mediterranean inspired meal. Head Chef David has over 30 years of experience and ensures high quality by using produce from local farmers’ markets. Stop by on the weekend for live music!