Discover Surrey

Like the city itself, Tourism Surrey as an organisation is continually evolving. In 2015, after concluding that we’d outgrown our current brand, we began the process of a complete re-brand exercise with the intent of creating a fresh and engaging brand that would more accurately reflect the community that Surrey has evolved into. Welcome to Discover Surrey.

There’s so much that Surrey offers: the eclectic mix of urban development and rural farmland, the multicultural culinary scene, the golf, the parks… but what really sets Surrey apart is the people. People who are proud, diverse and authentic. This brand is for you.

We’ve traded ‘corporate’ for ‘approachable’ and ‘bland’ for ‘authentic’, and created something that visitors and residents can identify with. It’s a brand that ‘connects the dots’ by bringing Tourism Surrey’s programs together with one style and one purpose – to encourage people to visit Surrey. The new brand is malleable, identifiable and reflects our brand promise and over the next few weeks we’ll make the transition from ‘Tourism Surrey’ to ‘Discover Surrey’.

Behind every new discovery is a story – a journey, an experience, the start of something special… We’re proud to be telling Surrey’s story. It’s one we’re excited about, because it’s constantly growing and evolving. Now, we’re inviting our visitors (and our residents) to be a part of Surrey’s story, and to tell your own. Use #TrueSurrey and share your story today on any of our social channels.

Each person’s Surrey story is unique. Maybe you’re here on a weekend getaway with the family, a trip with your sports team or here for a conference. Maybe you’ve just moved to the city, anticipating the start of an exciting new chapter. The one thing every story has in common is that it takes place in Surrey. Our big, burgeoning city is the starting point for something special.

Discover Surrey. Your story starts here.