Fieldstone Artisan Breads

You don’t have to go far to feel like you’ve been swept away to a quaint boulangerie in the heart of Paris; step inside Fieldstone Bakery. The European decor, French background music, and aroma of freshly-baked breads, tarts, cakes and other delicious pastries promise to tantalize your senses. The stocked shelves full of tasty offerings will be bare by the end of the day, evidence of Fieldstone Bakery’s popularity in the local community.  They’ll be full by the next morning though, as everything is baked daily and served fresh.

Sourcing much of their ingredients locally, Fieldstone Artisan Breads contain only the finest natural ingredients including Certified Organic flours, filtered water and sea salt. Many of their ingredients, from fruit to meat to grain, are locally sourced and ensure a quality product every time.

Using traditional methods, the team at Fieldstone makes their delicious quality goods from hand. The process is slow, encouraging natural fermentation which enhances the flavour, colour, aroma, texture, and final shape of each loaf. These breads are then baked in stone-hearth ovens that replicate the wood burning brick ovens of the past.

Although the classic staples are provided year long, many of the 350 products on the menu rotate with the seasons. From fresh strawberry tarts in the summer, to candy cane baguettes in the holiday season, the rotating array of confections ensure new wonders to behold on each visit. Call Fieldstone Bakery ahead of time to make sure your special treat hasn’t sold out, or better yet, ask if they can make custom products just for you!