Get Moving Online with Recreation Surrey

The Easter Bunny has come and gone, and while we love the extra chocolate and treats (maybe a little too much), we also love the fact that Recreation Surrey is streaming online workouts to help keep us moving while we spend time at home.

Fit 55+ – Fit 55+ is specifically modified for seniors who want to keep active at home. Participate in a low-impact cardio exercise and enjoy a chair workout too. Equipment required: chair, resistance band and light weights.  (60 minutes)

Yoga – Practice various yoga poses and work on your core strength and flexibility.  Yoga is the perfect activity for all ages to do. A yoga mat is the only equipment required.  (30 minutes)

Body Sculpt – Get a full-body workout and challenge yourself! Use weights (or a weight-alternative) for your sessions and make sure you have water close by. (30 minutes)

Boot Camp – Work up a sweat and enjoy a bodyweight exercise! Two levels are provided so participants can choose if they want to follow a modified version. Equipment required: weights (or a weight-alternative), a chair and a mat. (45 minutes)

Chair Exercise 55+ – Designed for seniors, this class includes a warm-up, muscle strengthening exercises, stretches and a cool-down session – all from the seat of your chair! Make sure you have water close by and modify according to your ability. Equipment required: chair, resistance bands, weights (or a weight alternative), a yoga block (or yoga block alternative) and a ball.  (45 minutes)

Hi-Lo Dance Exercise – Turn up your speakers, move to the beat of the music and dance to a hi-lo exercise class! No equipment is necessary. All ages welcome to participate. (30 minutes)