Glades Garden Re-Opening for 2021

A dream made real, the Glades Garden is a wonderland of exotic plant life, beautiful flowers, and mossy garden statues. Escape into the lush greenery, where you can get lost amongst the canopy of trees, picturesque ponds, and flowering plants. This carefully cultivated marvel was a product of love and a whole lot of work from members of the community and the city to make it what it is today.

Usually open to visitors on a seasonal basis, the garden, due to the COVID-19 pandemic has remained closed since 2019. We are thrilled to share that the garden will re-open for Spring from Saturday, May 1 through June 25, 2021.

Glades Garden was the dream of Murray Stephen, who began the Glades Garden as a private 5-acre rhododendron garden, as he missed the rhododendron gardens that he had grown up within Scotland. But after Murray passed away, the garden fell into disrepair for some time. That is until the Dewolfs bought the land and rejuvenated the garden. The garden was gifted to the City in 2002, and now everyone can enjoy the work and passion that went into this beautiful space. The vision of Murray is alive in the garden today, as all expansion plans are done with consideration for what he would have envisioned.

Located in South Surrey next to the Peace Portal Golf Club this gorgeous garden is acres and acres of beautiful foliage that is a delight in every season. In Springtime,  the Glades is full of blossoms that float like confetti on the surface of the ponds and water features. Get lost among the delicate petals of the rhododendron forest. In the Summer the garden is lush and green, the perfect place to find some cool shade and enjoy a picnic.  Visit in the Fall to enjoy that satisfying crunch of leaves under your feet and firey red surroundings.

The Glades is re-opening with updated guidelines to allow the community to safely enjoy the park. Strict protocols are in place; including one-way trail systems, and staggered entry times.

  • General admission tickets are $7.00 per person
  • Registration will take place through the Surrey Arts Centre Box office.
  • All visitors must pre-register for their visit no later than the Friday afternoon before their visit.
  • Entry times will be available every 30 minutes.

Glades Garden
457 172nd Street

(photo credit:  The City of Surrey)