Public Art You Haven’t Seen Yet

Raven and the First Sunrise (2018) by Brandon Gabriel

This window mural can be found on the outside of Guildford Library (15105 105 Ave). It depicts the First Nations story about ravens that bring sunlight to the earth. This story is set in a time before humans, when the Earth was still maturing. Ancient and wise creatures were hard at work shaping the Earth when the shapeshifter Raven was given the privilege of bringing light to the world.

Brandon Gabriel is a Kwantlen First Nation artist who attended both Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Emily Carr University. His art has been displayed around the world in places such as the UK, Hong Kong, and throughout the USA. His depiction of this ancient story is based in the version passed down from his Kwantlen ancestors.










On the Living River (Coming Soon) by Casto Solano

Commissioned by the Public Art Program, a statue by Casto Solano is coming soon to the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre (10588 160 Street). Solano was inspired by the Fraser River, in his proposal he wrote:

“I see the Fraser River as the tail of a comet, carrying life within it, plunging down into the earth. I imagine the river rising up, winding and whirling high into the open sky; connecting the four elements of our world. Connecting earth and air in a shimmering river of steel water; redirecting the light and fire of the sun gently about us in warm reflections as we step to meet it. An organic, living conduit through which to explore our own connection with our community and the world which surrounds us. An iconic meeting point about which to gather and share our knowledge and experience. A point of unity for the diverse peoples of Surrey. For those who have gone, for those who are, and for those who are yet to come.”

Casto Solano has produced high-profile works of art that are featured around the world. He has a piece at the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, and has recently finished a Holocaust memorial for children in Paris, France.










Weave of Time (Coming Soon) by Bruce Walther

Coming soon to Port Kells Community Hall (18918 88 Avenue) is this glass mosaic designed by artist Bruce Walther. The mosaic is meant to depict both the human and natural history of Port Kells. The intricate knot backdrop is a callback to the Kells Brothers as well as the Book of Kells, a medieval manuscript. The Old Curly log train that used to be a pivotal piece of the logging industry along Harvey Road in the 1890s. Coho salmon and the salmonberry, two indigenous fixtures of the ecosystem in Port Kells, are also features in the mosaic.

Walther is an experienced artist whose medium of choice is glass and mosaic. Trained at Langara College and Emily Carr University, his work can be found in cities from BC to Manitoba.