Hidden Art of Newton

You can find art all throughout the neighbourhood of Newton. If you are exploring this vibrant neighbourhood you may have the pleasure of stumbling upon murals or unique sculptures, while walking through parks, or even down unassuming alleyways.

Stop in at the Newton Cultural Centre and find out what creative events, performances, and exhibits are going on in the neighbourhood. As you head into the cultural centre you will walk under some colourful artwork that arches over the pathway. ‘Dancing Tower’ by Claudia Cuesta and Bill Baker is a playful fusion of art and architecture that makes the short stroll into the Cultural Centre a colourful experience of creativity that will be continued inside. The Cultural Centre showcases the community’s artwork in their gallery, so feel free to wander through this intimate art gallery and discover what the local artists are up to.

You don’t have to go to an art gallery to find art in Newton. There is plenty of public art around the community for you to enjoy. Such as ‘Talking Poles’ by Lorna Boschman, Victoria Moulder, & T’Uy’Tanat-Cease Wyss. This tall piece marks the Serpentine Greenway, for a stunning view of a beautiful work of art and the surrounding nature. You can check out Surrey’s Arts and Culture Map to find out about the city’s public art and where you can find them.

What you won’t see on that online map are several lively murals that adorn the laneways near King George Boulevard and 72nd Avenue. Sponsored by the Newton Business Improvement Association, these expansive murals detail the neighbourhood’s vibrant cultures and history. And they’re a great spot for the perfect Instagram pic or to simply marvel at some art. Visit the Newton BIA’s website for a complete map of where you can find all the murals.

Whatever brings you to Newton, take a moment and enjoy the hidden gems that are waiting for you around the corner. Whether you are hoping to find performances, literary events, art exhibits, or a beautiful sculpture in the woods, Newton has a piece of art just for you.