Time for Tea

Second only to water, tea is the one of the most consumed beverage, and it’s really no surprise that it has such a cult following. Tea can be whatever you need it to be: energetic Earl Grey, calming Chamomile, peppy Peppermint, hot or cold, sweetened or as-is, the list goes on. Whatever your mood is, there’s a tea to match. The ultimate chameleon of the food and beverage world is the spotlight of the Historic Stewart Farm’s newest exhibit, Steeped in History: The Art and Taste of Tea.

Tea has had a somewhat rebellious past, only adding to it’s transformative properties. Tea’s metamorphosis is anchored in ancient legends, smugglers and a certain ‘party’ that didn’t exactly include piñatas and confetti. The exhibit explores the transformation from tea’s wild adolescence, to the prim-and-proper, more matured adulthood we associate with tea today. This worldly refreshment has sprouted from it’s roots in China, to its global take over and global popularization.

Not only can you learn all about the growth in popularity and origins of the world’s drink of choice at the Stewart farm, you can also enjoy a delicious Strawberry Tea (Must pre-register online, click here for more information), which includes baked treats, juicy berries and hand-churned ice cream!

The Historic Stewart Farm’s Steeped in History: The Art and Taste of Tea exhibit runs from April 30 to June 19. Open Fridays 10am-4pm, 12noon to 4pm Saturdays and Sundays, admission is by donation.