How Green is Your Muse?

Did you know that the renowned Surrey Art Gallery is the second largest public art gallery in all of Metro Vancouver? And in addition to showcasing the artwork of local artists, they also play host to internationally acclaimed travelling exhibitions.

Currently on display at the gallery is an amazing exhibition from the Filipino Music and Art Foundation.  How Green is Your Muse? is a celebration of nature and a plea for universal action to preserve and protect it.  Working off the idea of nature as inspiration, 12 established and up-and-coming Filipino-Canadian artists were selected to display their work.  Through the artworks, this thought-provoking exhibit showcases images of peaceful, majestic environments, while encouraging viewers to imagine a world without clean air and devastated by the effects of harmful human activity.

Based in B.C., the Filipino Music and Art Foundation (FMAAF) invited a dozen artists to represent their feelings about nature. Contemporaries Danvic Briones, Ileta Buenaventura, Tessie Dichupa, Jo Galang, Mayo Landicho, Edgardo Lantin, Lenore RS Lim, Chito Maravilla, Esmie Gayo McLaren, Bert Monterona, Soliman L. Poonon, and Broderick Wong deliver a feast for the eyes. Media vary widely, from carving, printmaking, and traditional painting, to collage with found objects and painting with soil.

“In caring for the environment, it takes the action of each determined individual to effect a significant impact. Similarly, in this exhibit, the creations of each accomplished artist generate a powerful collection of art.” ~ FMAAF founder, Lenore RS Lim

How Green is Your Muse? is on display until February 2 at the Surrey Art Gallery | 13750 88 Avenue

Feature image: Waves of Culture by Bert Monterona