Kids Will Be Kids

As much as we love them, kids can be a handful and us grown-ups could use a break. Below you can find fun activities for children of all ages so you can kick your feet up and take a well earned break.

Fiona’s Playdate Cafe

Keeping kids engaged and occupied is a full-time job. You deserve a break and a strong cup of coffee. That’s where Fiona’s Playdate Cafe (104-6820 188th Street) comes in. They provide a safe, fun place for your kids to learn and grow while you relax and enjoy a bite from their cafe. Drop-in or make a reservation, they’re available to host birthday parties, baby showers, cake smashes, and much more!

Planet Lazer

With room for 50 players in in their 3-level 16,000 square foot arena, Planet Lazer (19033 54 Avenue) is a great place bring your kids, but offers a good time for adults too. You can join them in the arena and establish your dominance, or you can sit back and watch from a viewing area above the arena. They’re open every day, even holidays. At less than $10 per game per player, Planet Lazer is a great place to have fun with the kids.

Honeybee Centre

Who says activities can’t be fun AND educational? That’s what the fine folk at the Honeybee Centre (7480 176 Street) have accomplished. They have a fully equipped classroom ready to teach kids about the world inside of bee hives, how honey is made, and why bees are important to the environment. The lessons are interactive and include craft making. You can enjoy a snack at the Beestro (get it?) while your kids are learning all about our little fuzzy flying friends.