Let the Haunting Begin!

The witching season is about to begin in Surrey, and both residents and visitors know exactly where to go to experience a terrifyingly good time.

Since 2002, Potters Nursery on 72 Avenue undergoes a Halloween transformation from a beautiful blooming garden centre to a frightening fusion of haunted houses and scream-inducing activities.

2019’s haunt includes two truly terrifying haunted houses: Devils Descent is back with a vortex of rotted wood, rickety mineshafts, punishing industrial machines, monsters, and zombies. And new this year is Death Valley Motor Inn. More than a haunted house, this is the sort of dusty old desert motel that nightmares are made of! Shadowy figures roam the hallways searching for their next victim it’s said that guests check-in, but rarely do they check out. But the spooks don’t stop there. Back this year is the Escape from Incineration where you have 20 minutes to escape a “burning” building by solving puzzles and searching for clues.

Not enough?

Pop yourself in a coffin at The Last Ride and hang on for dear life as you’re whizzed around a ghoulish graveyard. Or if you’re keen for a little payback you can exact your revenge with an Xtreme Paintball Haunted Shootout and unleash 50 rounds on scary props and animatronics. Other fun activities include a haunted photo booth and the Creep’s Concession.

Not to worry, Mamas and Papas! Not only does Potters offer Family Hour, but they also boast two mini haunted houses that aren’t too dark or scary and contain no animatronics or actors. The first house, Mystic Village, includes a slightly creepy ghost town that sets the tone for the fun to follow at the second house, Spooky Castle. Other neat stuff includes a basketball/baseball toss and table games such as air hockey and foosball.

So … instead of us just telling you about how scary it really is …

We’re giving you and three of your bravest friends a chance to experience the terror that lies inside Potters’ TWO haunted houses. Think you’ve got what it takes to make it through not one but two terrifyingly haunted dwellings?

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – Congratulations to Julie McLean who won 4 speed passes to each of Potter’s haunted houses! 

Potters House of Horrors 
12530 72 Avenue

Preview nights: Sept. 27 – 28 (50% off all tickets)
Regular run: Oct. 4 – Nov. 2 (closed Monday, Oct. 14, for Thanksgiving)

Note: Tickets have limited availability. It is highly recommended tickets be purchased online in advance