Live (Virtual) Exotic Animal Presentations for Kids

Calling all creepy crawly enthusiasts and animal lovers!

Who wants to see exotic and exciting animals in your own living room … well, via your computer screen! Not only are the animals rare and amazing, but you’ll also get to learn about preservation and conservation. How cool is that?

Urban Safari Rescue Society rescues and cares for exotic animals surrendered to them, as well as educates the public about animals, the natural world and conservation issues. They encourage curiosity and learning about animals and their habitat and have been educating the community about conservation for over 28 years.

As we all settle into the reality of social distancing and self-isolation, it’s easy to forget that organizations like this one still have to care for their animals, and with in-person visits and tours off the table, it is becoming increasingly difficult. So, they’re getting creative!

Sign up for a private interactive presentation for the whole family via Skype or Zoom. The presentation will be one hour long and they’ll introduce you to 12 – 14 animals, including some that usually aren’t brought out for interactions. Feel free to ask questions, and the Safari Rescue staff will ask the kids questions as well to encourage creative thought and participation. Additionally, they will email an activity booklet to print off that’s full of puzzles, word games and colouring sheets, and the content will directly relate to the animals seen in the presentation.

Instead of charging their usual fee for presentations, Urban Safari Rescue have asked that if you are in a position to make a donation, it would help them tremendously. Donations will go directly to keeping the society running and providing care to the animals.

Other ways you can help the animals include donations of fresh veggies and fruit, hay, bales of straw, chicken scratch, rabbit food pellets and crickets or mealworms.

To book a presentation, send an email to

Donations can be made on their website or by calling 604-531-1100.