Getting Spirited at Mainland Whisky

A new craft distillery is getting set to open its doors in South Surrey!

The crew at Mainland Whisky are opening their Tasting Lounge this weekend (December 14 & 15), and their debut batch of whisky will be available for tasting and purchase!  Hand-crafted, made in small batches and never chill-filtered, their whisky honours traditional moonshine practices, and their unique recipes highlight BC organic corn and barley.

Mainland’s whisky is reminiscent of bourbon, but because it’s made in Canada, it needs to be called corn whisky. According to “bourbon law”, bourbon must not only be made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn, but it also must be made in the United States. Who knew!?

Currently, Mainland has 3 style’s of whisky available for purchase, with their “Straight Whisky”, a 2-year corn whisky, coming soon.

Corn Whisky
A sweet, clear whisky with hints of grass, pineapple and bubblegum.

Cinnamon Whisky
Imagine an onslaught of spice taking hold of your favourite corn whisky. Sip it, or mix it with anything. Think Fireball, but without the additives, caramel colouring, added sugar or glycerin!

Wild Rose Whisky Liqueur
Corn whisky infused with wild rose petals delivers a bottle of floral, chocolate sweetness.  According to the folks at Mainland, this liqueur has “converted more self-professed “non-whisky drinkers” than we have time to shake a stick at.”

Mainland Whisky invites everyone to their Distillery and Tasting Lounge this weekend for “Christmas at the Mainland”. The Tasting Lounge will be open from 12-8 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Taste the whisky, enjoy a cocktail and take home a bottle for yourself and for gifts!

Mainland Whisky
107 – 3425 189 Street (Campbell Business Park)