Meet Diane Galo

Diane Galo is a local artist who specialises in the unique art of Paverpol. Paverpol is a textile hardener that creates rock hard pieces of art that can be displayed both indoors and outdoor. Inspired by things like animals, children, or just the creative process itself, her demonstrations on October 1st and 2nd, at the third annual Art in the City: Studio Tour are ones you definitely won’t want to miss! Leading up to this family-friendly, free event, we chatted with Diane about her craft and her inspirations as an artist.

Discover Surrey: What is art to you?

Diane Galo: Art to me is the expression of one’s emotions, thoughts, dreams, and hopes. I am able to use my hands to create the picture I see in my mind, and through my teaching I encourage others to do the same! I find art for me is a relaxation technique, to just forget everything and focus on the piece I am working on, the details, what I want to portray. 

DS: Often, becoming an artist is something that either falls into your lap, or its rooted in you from a young age. Can you describe a time where you knew you wanted to be an artist? Or when you realised that art was your passion?

DG: I realised in high school I wanted to be an artist of sorts, I experimented with a few different things like photography, and sewing to name a few, before I found my passion. Paverpol was exactly what I was looking for, I can be creative, and more importantly I can help others find their creative side as well! 

DS: Why do you do what you do? What do you hope your art will achieve or communicate?

DG: There are a few important reasons I do what I do. First is my family, it allows me be home while my 4 children grow! Second and also very important I want to teach people that everyone has a creative side. Everyone can create an amazing piece of art. 

DS: I’ve noticed that you draw your inspiration from what surrounds you, can you tell us about a real life situation that inspired you? Was there a piece of art that came from it?

DG: My family is part of my inspiration. My children to be specific, holding, playing and having fun with them! Yes, there was a piece I created that showed a female holding her child in the air as if she were tossing the child up! 

DS: Surrey is a thriving artistic community with outstanding performing arts venues, galleries, museums and a wealth of public art. What do you think of Surrey’s growing Art Scene?

DG: I think that the growing art scene is amazing! I am excited to be included as a new and up an coming artist in a community that values all different mediums. 

DS: What advice do you have for budding or young artists?

DG: Don’t give up, follow your passion! Your passion will shine through in your pieces! 

Visit Diane’s website for a full gallery of his work. Be sure to attend this year’s Art in the City: Studio Tour for a chance to meet artists like Diane Galo, and watch live demonstrations throughout the city!