Meet Kyla Benz

This summer, Surrey is set to host the 2016’s WBSC XV Women’s World Softball Championships at Softball City in South Surrey July 15 – 24, 2016. This will be Canada’s largest single-sport event to date where we will be hosting national women’s teams from over thirty nations; including countries such as Brazil and India who are making their world stage debut. Kyla Benz, a Surrey native, has been selected to play for Team Canada to represent her hometown and country.

We chatted to Kyla about what it’s like growing up in Surrey as an athlete.

Discover Surrey: How long have you been a part of the Surrey community?

Kyla Benz: My entire life. I was born in Surrey Memorial Hospital in 1990.

DS: What do you love about being a part of Surrey?

KB: Surrey has always been devoted to the development of parks and recreation. As a youth in the community, my family involved me in sports at a young age. I have probably utilised every soccer and softball facility Surrey has from a young age.

DS: What’s the most valuable thing you provide Surrey?

KB: I have always been a volunteer in youth sports within my community and feel it is important to give back because I have received so much.

DS: What made you choose Surrey as the host city of your endeavors?

KB: Living in Surrey as a second generation Surrey resident, I have always been provided with the necessary tools and opportunities to pursue my goals and aspirations. Having traveled to many places, Surrey is always where I come home.

DS: How has Surrey inspired you, professionally or personally?

KB: Surrey has always proven to be a strong family community since my grandparents decision to move to Surrey in 1959. I am proud to say Surrey is in my roots and where I have chosen to reside long term.

DS: What has changed the most about Surrey in the last ten years?

KB: The amount of people moving into the community, particularly young families is always growing.

DS: Tell us something about you that not many people know.

KB: While softball has always been a competitive passion of mine, I have never given up on my second sport soccer. Being a dual sport athlete has always been important to me as it maintains my fitness and provides me with an alternative athletic outlet, requiring a complementary skill set.

DS: Where do you imagine Surrey going in the next ten years?

KB: I anticipate further development of residential communities because of the affordability for young families, whilst schools and parks are constantly expanding.