Meet Kyle Marshall

If you’ve ever taken a quick scroll through the hashtag #TrueSurrey on Instagram, you’ll notice we have quite a committed and passionate group of photographers that ardently tag their photos with our personal favourite hashtag (not to brag or anything, but we’re pretty proud of the growing gallery). Some handles come up time and time again, and one of the most consistent posters is @kylemarshall87.

Kyle Marshall, the person behind the Instagram account has been capturing beautiful landscape shots around Surrey for over three years, like a timeline of Surrey’s evolution through the seasons and subsequent years. As a small business owner who spends time perfecting outdoor spaces, it’s no wonder that the mass-majority of his photos consist of green trees and blue skies.

Born and raised in Surrey, Kyle knows that there’s a lot more to Surrey than meets the eye. He captures unique perspectives of well known Surrey parks with nothing more than his iPhone, and always manages to share vibrant colours and serene settings that compose his beautiful photos.

From parks scattered across the city, spanning across all seasons, Kyle will be taking over our Instagram account (@discoversurreybc) all week long to share some of his favourite photos, and we can’t wait to see which photos make the cut!