Meet Raj Thandhi

As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur, Raj Thandhi has a lot on her plate. She’s the brains behind Pink Chai Media, a full service social media agency based in Surrey. She also runs (and is a founding member of) North America’s first South Asian Bloggers network. Raj runs her own successful blog, Pink Chai Living, which features her favourite Punjabi recipes, fashion and beauty tips, home decor, and DIY. We asked Raj about living and working in Surrey:

Tourism Surrey: How long have you been a part of the Surrey community?   

Raj Thandhi: I’ve lived in Surrey pretty much my whole life (I was two when my family moved here), with the exception of a six year period when I moved away for work.

TS: What do you love about being a part of Surrey?   

RT: I think Surrey has the best of both worlds – we are urban and modern, but at the same time there are plenty of quiet, suburban areas in the city. I love that we have beaches, parks, nature trails, amazing shopping, and some of the best restaurants in BC right here, all within a 20 minute drive. One of my favourite perks of being a part of the Surrey community is access to world-class Indian food and shopping too!

TS: What’s the most valuable thing you provide Surrey?

RT: I feel really proud of this city and all of the positive changes that are happening here, and I tell people that with pride! I’m working hard to share the amazing sites, eats, and attractions we have here in True Surrey through my blog and other social channels.

TS: What’s the most valuable thing Surrey provides you?   

RT: For me Surrey will always be my home base. It’s a diverse and growing community, the perfect place to raise my kids. We take full advantage of the recreation centres, outdoor play areas, and the cultural activities that happen here every year.

TS: What made you choose Surrey as the host city of your endeavors?   

RT: I chose to associate my blog and business with Surrey because I want people to see all the positive aspects of living here.

TS: How has Surrey inspired you, professionally or personally?   

RT: I write about food, culture and fashion; there are so many places here that inspire my inner food and fashionista! The restaurants and the shopping are on par with any major city in Canada.

TS: What has changed the most about Surrey in the last ten years?   

RT: In the last 10 years Surrey has developed a culture of its own. You no longer have to “cross the bridge” to see a show, eat at a good restaurant, or visit an art gallery. All those experiences are available right here in our city.

TS: Where do you imagine Surrey going in the next ten years?   

RT: Over the next ten years I imagine Surrey will become a cultural hub; concerts, exhibitions, and open mic nights will be the norm. A creative culture will develop here,  encouraging more startups and small businesses to embrace the city.