Meet Tejpal Singh Mann

Tejpal Singh Mann is a local artist who paints both small to large scale pieces of work. Skilled in subjects such as wildlife, scenic, floral, historical, romantic, portraiture and murals, Tejpal is truly an artist who soaks up his surroundings and portrays them beautifully on a canvas. On October 1st and 2nd, Tejpal is opening up his studio (TSM Gallery) to the public in the third annual Art in the City: Studio Tour. He’ll be performing demonstrations on portraits, sketches, and landscapes throughout both days, to give a glimmer into his process as an artist. We talked to Tejpal to find out a little bit more about him as a creator of beautiful works of art.

Discover Surrey: What is art to you?

Tejpal Singh Mann: Art is my calling, purpose, passion, hobby and livelihood.

DS: Why do you do what you do? What do you hope your art will achieve or communicate?

TSM: I want to capture a fleeting moment, an idea, philosophical or historical event or a thing of beauty and express it from my side to bring it for peoples attention, inspiration, celebration or enjoyment.

DS: I’ve noticed that you draw your inspiration from what surrounds you, can you tell us about a real life situation that inspired you? Was there a piece of art that came from it?

TSM: I was sitting at a bench in Bear Creak park, and the rain started. A couple sitting on the next bench decided to leave.the lady in red saari was tending to her saari. Her husband walked by her side holding an umbrella covering her from rain. To watch them from behind walking side by side was an inspiring moment. The lady was oozing out sensuality and love was pouring from the sky. “Drizzling Moments” my painting is celebration of life in Surrey. In this painting you can spot some large buildings used symbolically.

DS: Surrey is a thriving artistic community with outstanding performing arts venues, galleries, museums and a wealth of public art. What do you think of Surrey’s growing Art Scene?

TSM: Surrey is fertile ground for creative people. The resources and facilities are in place. Many opportunities are available to anyone who wants to pursue an art career. I, myself, am also a product of Surrey’s education and resource system, and I am grateful for it. A growing art scene is better for us all to enjoy and it encourages and inspires a new generation.

DS: We all know being an artist is not easy, it requires a great deal of creativity! Can you walk us through your creative process?

TSM: One example of my creative process is of a historical painting. If an event or character appeals to me, I try to read about it and research the topic as much as I can, and an idea or image starts to form in my mind. Once it clears up then I am ready to put that on a canvas. I draw for reference, I use photo reference or do model photography. Choice of media (acrylics or oil) is dependent upon the subject matter 

DS: What advice do you have for budding or young artists?

TSM: Study, learn as much as you can, talk to other artists you like, approach and talk to them, most artists are welcoming. We are living in a very fortunate period and place. A lot of information and education is available online, make use of it. Ultimately its up to you. Your hard work will show in your artwork. Good luck, future is yours.

Visit Tejpal Singh Mann’s website for a full gallery of his work. Be sure to attend this year’s Art in the City: Studio Tour for a chance to meet artists like Tejpal Mann Singh, and watch live demonstrations throughout the city!