Natural Stress Relief in Surrey

Did you know that spending a little time surrounded by trees is actually proven to help lower blood pressure and heart rates? The phenomenon is called forest bathing, and it’s a Japanese practice of simply being among trees. Additional benefits of forest bathing include the reduction of stress hormone production, an immune system boost, as well as an overall improvement of well-being. Luckily for us, Surrey has a bounty of au-naturel stress relief growing strong.

So where in Surrey can you reap the benefits of some fresh air and a few leaves? Check out one of Surrey’s beautiful, smaller forested parks for a serene walk in Surrey.

Crescent Park
2610 – 128 Street

Crescent Park, not to be confused with Crescent Beach, is a beautiful 128 acre park with a bounty of trails and beautiful views. With two meadows, a pond, and an abundance of wildlife, there’s lots of scenery to keep you occupied as you travel through the trails. You can expect to take about an hour or so to walk through the trails at Crescent Park.

Hi Knoll Park
19569 Colebrook Road

Right on the cusp of the Surrey and Langley border is the recently opened Hi Knoll Park. For a leisurely 30 minute walk, Hi Knoll Park is perfect! Along the trails is Anderson Creek, which is a salmon bearing stream that brings vitality to the park. These trails are also dog friendly so long as they’re on a leash, perfect for a post-dinner walk with the family.

Fleetwood Park
15802 – 80 Avenue

For a leisurely jaunt around a stunning park, check out Fleetwood Park. You can expect about 30 peaceful minutes along the nature trails at Fleetwood park, with several bridges that cross over Fleetwood Creek. Many types of animals and birds, such as woodpeckers, call this park home, so you’re sure to be serenaded along your walk, too!

Redwood Park
7900 – 20 Avenue

If you’re looking for a little bit of a longer walk, Redwood Park is your go-to for a quiet, peaceful walk. The trails are carved out for an hour to an hour and a half long walk among the groves of redwood trees. Tucked away in South Surrey, this park is STUNNING, and has for the most part remained a hidden gem, meaning it’s a little less traveled than some of the bigger parks in the city.