Squad Goals in Surrey

When was the last time all your friends got together? Time to get everyone together for a fun day on the town. Here’s everything you need to do for a great day out with the squad.

West Village Cafe 160 – 5620 152 Street

Meet up at this trendy cafe and enjoy a lovely handcrafted latte to perk you up. Catch up with your friends in comfortable atmosphere full of green plants and cosy couches. Enjoy tasty brunch options like freshly baked croissants, egg wraps, and gluten friendly porridge to energise you for the adventures ahead.

E-Exit 106 – 15345 Highway 10

Head to this escape room and test your team work against the clock! Choose a difficulty that suits your group from a variety of themed rooms. Are you and your friends cut out to be secret agents? How about capable of escaping from a cursed cabin? Work together and try to escape before time runs out.

Vinoscenti Vineyard 15560 Colebrook Road

Unwind and celebrate your escape room victory or soothe your sorrows over at Vinoscenti Vineyard.  Enjoy the results of locally grown grapes with a wine tasting, take in the views of the vineyards, and enjoy the good company.

Chopsticks on Pho 101 – 15325 56 Avenue

Finish off the day with some great Vietnamese food at Chopsticks on Pho. Sink into the cosy atmosphere and enjoy steamy bowls of noodles. After a busy day out, these satisfying bowls are the perfect relaxing way to end an evening.