North Surrey

This innovative neighbourhood is the urban heartbeat of our sprawling city. The thriving centre showcases Surrey’s growth and development of research facilities, educational institutions and Surrey’s revitalized civic centre.

Featuring award-winning modern architecture like City Centre Library and the Simon Fraser University campus, North Surrey is a shining example of a developing community. But nothing is more impressive than the new City Hall, a two hundred thousand square foot building that features a plaza and a performing arts venue. The Centre is also home to Central City Brewery & Distillery, popular for their delicious Red Racer beer.

But it’s not all about state-of-the-art attractions! Visitors also flock to North Surrey for the Surrey Urban Farmers Market at the North Surrey Rec Centre and for concerts at Holland Park, a location that’s played host to high-profile popular musical artists such as Mumford and Sons, Deadmau5 and The Weeknd.

Here’s what residents and visitors love seeing in North Surrey: