Plane Ticket for the Taste Buds

The diversity of Surrey will surprise you and your taste buds, as you can visit at least 5 continents without ever leaving the City Centre. With meals served on banana leafs, mother and daughter homemade perogies and more, the City Centre is your delectable oyster!

Across the pond and right across the street from Central City Shopping Mall, are handmade European delights and foodstuffs at Galina’s Euro Food (13531 102 Avenue), a small hole in the wall deli where you’ll find to-die-for handmade perogies, fresh apple cinnamon piroshki bread, sausages, and an assortment of candies and canned goods from the old country.

Travel all the way to Africa with Taste of Africa Ghanaian Restaurant (10663 King George Boulevard), located only 5 blocks away from Galina`s. Here you can enjoy their signature jollof rice and mouth-watering fried plantain. Even if you have never stepped foot in Ghana or even tried the food before, the friendly staff and warm food will make you feel right at home.

Time to leave Africa and head to East Asia for Vietnamese cuisine at Grandt Kitchen (10257 King George Boulevard), located just a little farther North in Surrey than our last two spots. Now is the time to invite some friends along because you will definitely need some help to finish off Grandt Kitchen’s Boodle Fight, a huge smattering food, including an assortment of meats, vegetables, hunks of corn on the cob, and rice served in a long pile in the centre of your table atop banana leaves. No plates here, just you and a literal mountain of food.

We’re not done with the continent of Asia yet, off of King George Boulevard you will find yourself in Japan at Sushi King George (10344 King George Boulevard). Their artistic sushi creations are sure to please the eyes and stomach. Going with some friends? Order the King Platter for a crowd pleasing selection of buttery salmon, refreshing tuna, California rolls, and other classics.

Back to Europe, but this time it’s off to the Mediterranean at Vlassis Souvlaki & Greek Taverna (10026 King George Boulevard) for perfectly marinated souvlaki, charbroiled lamb chops, or flaky spanakopita and dive into a blend of herbs and spices that are sure to transport you to the Greek coast.

End this round trip around the world back in North America for some western style comfort food at Round Up Cafe (10449 King George Boulevard). With its charming 50’s decor, classic cuisines such as eggs and bacon or a roast turkey dinner, and warm atmosphere, this last stop will be a delicious homecoming, no matter where you are from.