Royal Canadian Theatre Company’s Holiday Panto Goes Digital

If you missed your annual panto visit, here is one of the Royal Canadian Theatre Company’s past extravaganzas bringing New Year’s fun for the whole family. This toe-tapping, hilariously funny, sparkling, magical, musical adventure will have you joining in no matter what age you are.  Kids – no need to sit quietly. In fact, boo, cheer and clap your hands as you’re whisked away to a magic kingdom where even the bad guys are funny.

The Royal Canadian Theatre Company presents Ellie King’s SLEEPING BEAUTY, directed by James King. This traditional British Pantomime will stream, by donation, from January 2 to 16.

Featuring many RCTC panto favourites – including venerable Dame Alan Cedargreen (Nurse Bizzie Lizzie) – this panto marked the first foray into directing for the second generation of Panto Kings as James King took over from mother Ellie King – often billed as ‘The Queen of Panto’.  James has been steeped in panto tradition from a very early age and continued to bring the most traditional panto in BC to the stage.

Watch as Fairy Snowdrop (Erin Marshall) and Demon Hemlock (Stephen Elcheshen) square off over Princess Rosebud’s fate (Melissa Funnell) and even our hero Prince Indigo (Andie Morgan) needs some help against the evil Fairy Nightshade (Kerri Norris).

“Here in BC the biggest and best panto is always an Ellie King production,” said The British Canadian. And this charming cast of characters, spectacular costumes, sets, special effects and wonderful music come together for a magical holiday extravaganza.

Tickets by donation – and every penny donated will help RCTC to present ‘Alice in Wonderland’ next year!

Access ‘Sleeping Beauty’ online from January 2nd – 16th.

The Royal Canadian Theatre Company is a professional theatrical and event entertainment producing not-for-profit society based in Surrey. Its founder – Ellie King – is a great believer in production excellence and her reputation as a producer, director, writer and performer are well-established.