Seahorse Grill

John Kavanagh is a global traveler and has worked alongside acclaimed chefs in kitchens all over the world.  He returned to BC with knowledge, worldliness, inspiration and a hunger to create something of his own. He opened the Seahorse Grill in 2005, and brought  a little piece of the world to Crescent Beach.

Crescent Beach is the perfect escape from the day-to-day happenings of the city, especially when you can duck into Seahorse Grill for great food, a beautiful scenic view, and an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re still at home. The restaurant offers an intimate, outdoor dining experience in the summer, and a cozy fireplace to sit by as the weather grows colder.

John and his team at Seahorse Grill pride themselves on ensuring the freshest quality products by sourcing all their ingredients locally. The fruit and vegetables are picked daily at the local market, and the meat they serve, which ranges from pork to beef to elk are all seasonal. In addition, John and his team concoct all the sauces from scratch, smoke their own feta and make their own smooth, rich paté.

Seahorse Grill offers an array of dishes to suit palates of all varieties, from the steamed mussels, the trademark dish of the restaurant, to char grilled beef tenderloin steak. Looking for something unique? Try the mouth-watering pork schnitzel or lobster pot pie. Pair it with a wine from their large selection, then finish off with a scrumptious guilt free dessert like the pear tarte tatin or chocolate lava cake.

Let John and his wife, Francina welcome you into their friendly, neighbourhood bistro, and taste the flavours of the world, right on your very own doorstep!