Blast to the Past

For all those culture and history buffs, we’ve got some great places for you to go back in time. These spots have some heritage in South Surrey and have transitioned into the modern day wonders we all know and love.

Mink Chocolates (Unit F-110 Morgan Crossing) is a must visit, not just for their sweets but also for their legacy. Mink is now run by the third generation, with two locations; Surrey being one of them! Fair trade and everything from sea salt to goji berries, you’re in good hands with Mink. Be sure to try one of their mochas; it’s every chocolate lover’s dream.

Historic Stewart Farm (13723 Crescent Road) is a picturesque site telling the story of a Surrey family circa 1900. Expect costumed staff, fresh baking and inviting grounds for your visit to this beautiful and historic spot. You can even walk down to the river and take in the sights of the mountains.

Gorgeous wetland, a meadows and walking trails are all part of Elgin Heritage Park’s (13723 Crescent Road) charm. The land was settled in the late 1890’s and the property include the Historic Stewart Farm. Picnic areas are also abundant, so pack a lunch and enjoy this beautiful site.

A restaurant under the Joseph Richard Group, Townhall Public House (3140 King George Boulevard) has been serving the public since 1980, previously under the name The Black Forest Restaurant. With more than a dozen beers on tap and sourcing locally from surrounding neighbourhoods, this Is sure to become one of your go to spots.