Surrey in the Eyes of a Touring Local

Let’s cut to the chase: if you’re a resident here in Surrey, then you’ve seen how the media can sometimes omit the positive stories happening right here in our city. We’re a diamond in the rough that’s ready to break through old stereotypes. So you might be surprised at just how cool Surrey can be. We’re here to tell you all about some of the local wonders that you might not have noticed until you’ve looked at your hometown of Surrey like a tourist (minus the Hawaiian T-shirt and flip flops).

Local World-Class Recreation Facilities

Surrey is home to a number of world-class sports and leisure facilities where a number of championships and tournaments choose to hold their events. Surrey has played host to events such as SoccerX Spring Cup 2017, Lacrosse Tyke Tournament, Canada Cup International Softball Championship, and even the Quidditch Canada Western Regionals last year. To add to that, Surrey and White Rock will also be hosting the 2018 Canadian Masters Curling Championships. We just can’t get enough of work-hard-play-harder philosophy, can we? But training like a pro is not all our facilities are good for. Sometimes you’re just in it for the Instagram post, no judgement here.

Dive into our state-of-the-art LEED Certified Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre where you can’t help but fantasize that you’re swimming in the Olympics—since the pool is of FINA-standard competition size and all, not to brag. There’s also a waterslide, leisure pools, and onsite fitness facilities to round out this award-winning centre.

Challenge yourself at the South Surrey Athletic Park, the training camp for Cameroon Women’s FIFA Team as they geared up for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Whether you’re a major fan of soccer, baseball, football, track, or even looking to show off your tricks on a BMX or skateboard, this Park is simply one of the best in its field (pun intended).

With fitness work outs, it’s important to keep in mind the strain it may give to your body. Luckily, Surrey has got your back (and arms and legs). Did you know that red clay tennis courts show 75% less injuries than hard courts since it provides the easiest surface for the body, reducing stress? And guess what? The Surrey Tennis Centre has the only red clay courts in all of Western Canada. Cool, convenient, and close to home? Check, check, and, check.

Spice It Up a Bit

You don’t have to travel far to discover a world of authentic international flavours. Surrey is flourishing with a variety of cuisines, perfect for any craving or occasion. Enjoy a savory Indian feast at the multi-award-winning My Shanti restaurant or treat yourself to a fusion of natural ingredients while sitting under cherry blossoms at Sushi Mori. Indulge in a blend of nostalgic dining and French cuisine at the Old Surrey Restaurant which has transformed the Newton heritage house into the upscale culinary establishment it is today. To put the cherry on top, you can give in to your sweet desires at Mink Chocolates for some luxurious decadence. When it comes to food, Surrey knows how to spice things up.

Get Lost

Look left. Look right. What do you see? Lots of greenery! Surrey is home to 200 parks and gardens—and counting! Recently opened on May 2017, the Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve has hundreds of Redwoods, Firs, Sequoias, and numerous other species planted close to the corridor flowing north to the Serpentine River. An Eco-gift from the Godwin Family, the nature abundance of the Preserve along with its fruit tree garden and resident birds is something you don’t want to miss! You could also duck on over to Serpentine Fen where over 130 species of birds take shelter. The inland trail is great for beginner biking, as well!

What’s more, Surrey is home to a forest of fairies at Redwood Park. Among the grove of Sierra Redwoods is a family-friendly wonderland of miniature fairy houses and brightly-coloured bird houses. The perfect setting for a picnic, a tranquil stroll, and a visit to the Redwood Treehouse, there’s just something magical about this Park.

Surrey is an Open Door

We hear you like free events? Who doesn’t! On June 17th this year, 21 different venues across the city will take part in Surrey Doors Open where a variety of heritage sites, museums, contemporary architecture, and green spaces will be free of entry for all ages. Immerse yourself in the stunning art, dynamic culture, and rich history of Surrey. From the bustling central hub at City Centre, to the agricultural beauty of Cloverdale, to the vibrantly diverse Newton, to the beach-bordering energy at South Surrey, there’s lots to do and see in this one-day-only event!

Railways and Surrey go way back. From 1887, at least! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could hitch a ride on a time machine and travel the old interurban rail lines? Done. You can visit Surrey’s Heritage Rail! Get on board the Speeder and be amongst the bird life, pass the crocodile pond, and take in the scenery. You could also hop on the Velocipede, a hand cart that was typically used for rail maintenance but is now used for passengers to cruise along the tracks seesaw-style. If it seems like you’re having a blast, then you’re on the right track!