The Surrey Museum Kids Gallery

It’s almost as good as Google.

If you’re a parent to a curious little human, then this oft occurring scenario might sound familiar:

Curious Little Human: “Where does thunder come from?”

You: “Great question, sweetie. Let’s ask Google!”

Curious Little Human: “How does that plane stay in the sky?”

You: *cricket noises*

Parenting is tough work. On top of the basics – feeding and sleeping and bathing – there’s the trickier stuff, like trying to remember everything you ever learned in school and passing along that vast wealth of knowledge to little junior without him noticing that you don’t, in fact, know EVERYTHING EVER.

That. That right there gets exhausting and you, my friend, deserve a day off.

Thanks to the Surrey Museum, you’re going to get it. They recently celebrated the launch of their new Kids Gallery, a permanent feature that’s all about sustainability, and will be refreshed and change themes as the seasons roll on. The Kids Gallery features green activities and interactive displays for children of all ages. Kids have the opportunity to experiment with electricity, solar power, and the greenhouse effect, pedal the energy bike, and explore the awesome tree fort.

Also, when your little science-loving sprog asks:

“How does electricity work?” or “Can we collect energy from the sun even on a cloudy day?”


*Photo Courtesy of the Surrey Museum