Surrey Rocks

If you go into the woods (a park, or around your neighbourhood) in Surrey today, you may be in for a colourful surprise. Keep your eyes peeled as you take your socially distanced walk and chances are you’re going to spot at least one smooth rock painted with a colourful design or an uplifting message.

Photo Credit: Shelylyne via Instagram

Part of a global movement called Kindness Rocks, the trend of creating inspirational rocks and leaving them for others to find and enjoy, has taken off in Surrey in recent months. We think it’s a wonderful activity for those looking for a creative outlet during these uncertain times, and if you have little humans with you (all day long), it’s the perfect combination of art class and physical education.

Photo Credit: Shelylyne via Instagram

The concept is simple: get a rock (flat & smooth is best, but if you can’t find one, any rock with a flattish surface will work), paint it (acrylic paints are recommended), seal it (spray enamel varnish or gloss) and leave it for someone else to find.

If you need a little more direction or some inspiration, here’s a great YouTube channel dedicated to all things rock painting! And if you want to share your rocks with fellow Kindness Rocks enthusiasts, consider joining a Facebook group. South Surrey Rocks (Rock Hunt) and Clayton (Surrey, BC) Rocks! are two that we found.

And, if you don’t want to paint, that’s OK!  You can still enjoy the hunt!

Happy painting … and remember kindness (and Surrey) rocks!



Main Photo Credit: Shelylyne via Instagram