Theatre on the Beach

You and your very own merry band can head not to Sherwood Forest but to our very own Crescent Beach and witness a classic tale get spun on its head. The Beach House Theatre Society gives the community the opportunity to come together and take in the glorious setting of Blackie Spit and enjoy a quality theatrical performance from August 15th to the 20th.

Featuring local talent, The Beach House Theatre Society Directors and Producers have worked in Surrey for more than 5 years. Candace Radcliffe, the artistic director, taught education in South Surrey before trading in her chalkboards for the main stage, and as Rick Harmon has been directing musicals for the Surrey Arts Centre Productions for years. These two talents have put together two magical shows to enjoy in the midst of the summer sun. Whether you want a night of adventure and swordplay, or a lighter show that’s guaranteed to be #KidApprovedBC and get you laughing until the sun goes down, Crescent Beach is the place to be!

Making up their 2017 season is The Heart of Robin Hood and The Commedia Tales of King Arthur. Both taking place underneath the tented stage on Blackie Spit, you can’t go wrong with heading out to the beach and taking in the wild antics of the Beach House Theatre Society. Looking for some show details? Keep reading!

The Heart of Robin Hood
Performances on August 15th to 20th beginning at 8 pm

In this version of Robin Hood, it is not the humble thief who is the star of the show, but the fair Maid Marion. Dreaming of a life where she is in charge of herself, Marion meets the infamous Robin Hood and is appalled at the man who steals from the rich and couldn’t care less about the poor citizens of the kingdom that are being tormented by the evil Prince John. Watch as Marion teaches the bandits how to find their true heart and sit at the edge of your seat as swords go flying and the actors engage in a variety of song and dance.

The Commedia Tales of King Arthur
Performances on August 16th to 20th beginning at 11 am

Perfect for those needing a laugh Riosley’s King Arthur showcases the Knights of the Round Table attempts to bring glory to the kingdom of Camelot. Battling all kinds of menaces such as ogres, dragons, and even each other, the hilarious frolics of this piece will give you belly aches from laughing so hard. Come be bamboozled by the Knights of Camelot and enjoy a matinee out of the house with the kids as the quest of glory ensues on Crescent Beach.

Click here for ticket information and full show details.

**Photo from The Beach House Theatre