Time Machine: 1894

Historic Stewart Farm

What was life like for British Columbia’s early lower Mainland settlers? Find out at Surrey’s Historic Stewart Farm, where guides in period-costume take you back to the seventeenth century via a perfectly picturesque farmhouse. Imagine stepping onto the verandah of an elegant Victorian Era farmhouse as a warm breeze blows up from the Nicomekl River. Did we mention that there’s pie in the oven, courtesy of a kindly woman who could have stepped out of an Anne of Green Gables novel? And no, you’re not dreaming.

There’s a pole barn with farm implements; apple and pear trees; heritage gardens bursting with scarlet runner beans, heritage roses, snapdragons, calendulas and sunflowers; there’s even an old Hadden crab boat – relic from the oyster farming and crab fishing days of old.

“It’s truly like stepping back in time,”

says Dani Brown, representative of the property, who points out the striking consistency in the archival photos of the day and the contemporary state of the farmhouse and adjoining lands.

“Tourists enjoy the gorgeous riverside walking trails and picnic sites. The marina is right next to us. This is a wonderful place for a family picnic, on the grass or among the orchards.”

Those costumed tour guides aren’t there just for show. If you happen to catch them on the right day, you might be in store for some old-fashioned apple cider, a freshly baked rhubarb crisp or cookies fresh from the oven.

Interestingly, this historic place holds particular appeal for photographers. Talented shutterbugs like Alyssa Schroeder are attracted to the uniquely rustic scenery and bountiful natural wildlife. Recently, she joined a handful of other photographers to a Trash the Dress photo shoot…

“It was so inspiring (a little funny too) to look around the farm and see photographers and models just scattered everywhere!”

If you’re a gardener, you’ll want to check out Seedy Saturday on April 15th you can purchase flower and herb seeds, heritage vegetables, fruit trees and nursery plants. Master Gardeners, BC Fruit Testers and a bee expert are on site to answer all your gardening questions.