Passing Through Surrey? Here’s What to Do!

Few know how big the city of Surrey really extends. Starting down at the border line and reaching all the way up to the Fraser River, Surrey covers 317sq km/190sq mi making it two-and-a-half times bigger than the city of Vancouver. Made up of six neighbourhoods, people typically drive through Surrey from the Canada/United States border to get to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal or to Highway One and up to Whistler. No matter where your final destination may take you, consider stopping off at one of our favourite Surrey locations for a snack, a quick scenic walk to stretch your legs, or a quick Wi-Fi break to post your epic photos of Canada.

Heading on Highway 99 Toward the Ferry Terminal

Heading to your in-law’s house on the island but going empty handed? Not a problem when you’re passing through Surrey! The Shops at Morgan Crossing and Grandview Corners are loaded with an array of boutiques to help you become the favorite son or daughter in law. These two outdoor malls are also stocked with swimsuits, toiletries, and just about every other item that you may have forgotten to pack for your road trip. To get to the shops take Exit 4 off of Highway 99 and hang a right onto 16 Avenue. A quick left on 168th and another quick left on 24th and you’ll be ready to shop ’til you drop.

If you travel on BC Ferries frequently you know you could be waiting multiple sails before you make it on the ferry. Book a ferry using the Wi-Fi at the The Modern General Store Inc. to guarantee your spot on the boat. Take Exit 10 and keep right onto 40 Avenue. A second right turn onto 152 Street will lead you to the General Store as long as you follow 34 Avenue to Rosemary Heights Crescent. While you’re here grab a slice of one of their homemade pies or melt in your mouth brownies. As a brand new bakery, The Modern General Store Inc. is impressing both locals and tourists alike and is conveniently located for a smooth journey.

Traveling with some little ones? Grab a quick bite at Good Day Sunshine Café, just a small ways down from Exit 4 off Highway 99, and then head over to Serpentine Fen to burn out their extra energy so they aren’t all riled up in the car. A nature reserve known for its trails, Serpentine Fen has three tall towers your young ones can climb up and get a view of the reserve before becoming reserved in their own right in the back of your car. To get to Serpentine Fen just take exit 10 from the highway, keep right at the fork and hang left onto 44 Avenue.

Heading North to Highway One

Headed to destinations like Whistler, or even out the British Columbia’s Interior? There’s lots of activities you can do on your way to Highway One as well. Because driving for hours on end can cause your attention-span to waver, one highlight we have to offer in our backyard is Surrey’s very own Redwood Park. A right turn from Highway 15 onto 20 Avenue brings you to this whimsical area known for its fairy houses. Give your speedometer a break and wander around the park on cruise control to relax and fully soak in this magical location.

One of the highlights BC has to offer is its mountains! One way to get to experience these Pacific Northwest beauties is to pull off Highway 15 into Surrey Bend Regional Park. Drive as far as Highway 15 will take you, just past crossing over Highway One, and then turn left onto 112 Avenue. While you’re here snap a picture (or 20) of these snow-capped wonders and then drive down to 104 Sushi and Co for a quick bite to eat and free Wi-Fi. Head back down Highway 15 and then turn right on 104 to get to this highly acclaimed fish fest. Stopping by 104 Sushi will give you a chance to refuel for the journey as well as post those photos to make all your friends and family members jealous.

If the AC in your car doesn’t work consider cooling off at Hjorth Road Park’s Swimming Pool. Located seven minutes off of Highway One, right before you go over the Port Mann Bridge, this park has an outdoor pool that can cool your whole family off. Take Exit 50 and use the middle lane to head towards 104 Avenue. Once you’re on 104 turn left onto 148 Street and you’ve arrived. With admission to the pool being free as well as a giant grass area right next to the pool for you to relax on, you’re definitely going to want to leave your swimsuits on the top of your luggage.

No matter what you do to keep your family entertained during your road trip you’re sure to have a great time – after all it’s all about the journey. There are so many routes you could have taken to get you to your destination, so if you’re looking for travel advice for your trip, stop by one of our two visitor centres conveniently located at the Peace Arch and Pacific Border crossings. Happy travels!