Try Something New: Galina’s Euro Food

You don’t have to travel far to get a taste of traditional cuisine from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, and other parts across Europe. In fact, the heart of Surrey at bustling Central City has got you covered!

Feel the warmth of family and good food with the delicious homemade meals and authentic recipes at Galina’s Euro Food. Owned and run by a mother and her two daughters, this specialty store is filled to the brim with wholesome, nutritious piroshki, pelmeni, borsch, and more—all prepared in their own unique and savoury style.

Ever tried blueberry perogies, locally made from Abbotsford berries? What about some sweet cottage vatrushka? There’s bound to be a flavour that even the biggest perogy lover hasn’t tried. This local secret may be humble in exterior, but their heart is as big as their menu, so be sure to try something new!

Galina’s Euro Food
13531 102 Avenue
North Surrey