We are the Clouds

Have you ever found yourself gazing up at the clouds and thinking about how nice it would be to just float amongst them? That’s exactly what Estonia-based artists Varvara and Mar must have envisioned as they invited Surrey residents to participate in an interactive artwork for UrbanScreen.

Through software created by the artists, visitors to the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre had their silhouettes transformed into the ethereal shape of a cloud. Visitors performed live in front of an onsite kiosk and were able to see their “cloud persona” appear immediately onscreen, projected onto a majestic blue sky that travels across the façade of the Chuck Bailey Rec Centre, and joins other cloud-makers in the ultimate cloud community!

The Urban Screen, presented by the Surrey Art Gallery, is the largest non-commercial screen in Canada and makes an impressive large screen canvas. Exhibitions change seasonally, so there always something beautiful and thought-provoking.

We Are the Clouds will be on display until April 26, 2020. Exhibitions begin 30 minutes after sunset and end at midnight, and can be seen both onsite and from the Skytrain as it passes Gateway Station.  Admission is free.

The Urban Screen
13458 107A Avenue
(west wall of Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre)