Winter Blends and Brews

The holidays are a time for family get-togethers, parties and entertaining. And while your gatherings may be small, or not so small,  there’s bound to be opportunities for toasting. Whether it’s a glass of wine that you’re raising, a seasonal brew or a holiday cocktail, Surrey’s drinks purveyors have what you need to fill your glass!

Mainland Whisky
Try: Cinnamon Whisky

Hand-crafted, made in small batches and never chill-filtered, Surrey’s Mainland Whisky honours traditional moonshine practices, and their unique recipes highlight British Columbia organic corn and barley. Craft the perfect winter cocktail this Christmas with their Cinnamon Whisky or one of their whisky liqueurs like Triple Sec and Cherry Cordial. And for the ultimate gift, pick up a 3-pack of their Northern Comfort, Coffee Liqueur and Ginsky. Shop at the distillery (107-3425 189 St) or online.

Cavallo Winery
Try: Ton of Brix Red Blend

The fruit at Cavallo Winery is 100% sourced from California, and the majority of their wines and the style of their winemaking is perfectly suited to the cooler temperatures of winter. With bold, opulent and fuller-bodied wines, a few of their favourites for celebrating over the holidays are their Pinot Noir, Merlot and the more approachable style red blend, Ton Of Brix. And if you’re looking for a fun mulled wine, try their more fruit-forward Zinfandel with your favourite mulling spices. (150 – 19288 22 Avenue)

Storehouse Winery
Try: Barrel 84 Malbec Carmenere

Surrey’s newest winery, Storehouse Winery, prides itself on sourcing grapes from the most prolific wine-growing regions in the world. The grapes are processed, aged and bottled locally and the results are rich, bold and fruit-forward which translates into highly drinkable wines that are perfect for Christmas dinner. Try the opulent Barrel 84 Malbec Carmenere with its dark fruit flavours and full round finish.  (103 – 8484 162 Street)

Vinoscenti Vineyards
Try: Joy

Surrey’s only vineyard, Vinoscenti Vineyard‘s land is peppered with grapevines that are pored-over and expertly tended to, harvesting their grapes in the fall to crush and ferment on site. With a variety of reds, whites, and even a rosé aged to perfection, there’s a wine to suit any palette. For the Christmas table, grab a bottle of Joy. A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Pinot Noir that brings together everything you need to sit back and enjoy with friends and make joyful holiday memories.  (15560 Colebrook Road)

Central City Brewing
Try: Red Racer Holiday Collection

Holiday movies play a huge role in so many family celebrations and Central City Brewing has the perfect beer to accompany your movie night. The new Red Racer Holiday Collection features twelve unique holiday movie-themed beers like Bah Humbug Stout, Son of a Nutcracker Easy Pale Ale or Yippee Ki Yay IPA. Find them at liquor stores across the region.

Russell Brewing Co.
Try: Cranberry Sour

Not every winter beer has to be a stout or a porter, and everyone knows that cranberries go with Christmas, so why not a cranberry beer? The team at Russell Brewing Co. have packed hundreds of kilograms of this superfood into the can. And their method of kettle souring blends perfectly with the bitterness of cranberries. Refreshing, fruity and tart, the Cranberry Sour will taste great at any holiday get together. Pick up from the brewery, or arrange delivery. Watch in the new year for Russell to open their long-awaited tasting room!  (#100 – 13018 80 Ave)

Vancouver Makgeolli
Try: Chestnut Makgeolli

If you want to try something new and completely different, Vancouver Makgeolli’s Chestnut Makgeolli is an unusual treat! The oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea, Makgeolli is a rice-based drink brewed from rice and a fermentation starter called nuruk. Think of it as a sparkling rice wine that is cloudy and has a sweet, tangy flavour. Lee Bros Winery has been brewing as Vancouver Makgeolli for the past 15 years, and have a menu of flavours including the popular Chestnut, which we think is perfect for the holidays. (10316 152A Street)