Food Community

Food Community

Surrey Businesses Working Together

Want to know what we love about Surrey? It’s of the fastest growing cities in British Columbia, yet still proudly retains that nestled away, suburban feel. It’s that small town sense of community that will keep Surrey grounded… no matter how big she gets. We’ve got the best of both worlds, really. That small town feel and all that space!

When it comes to the local food community, this space plays to our advantage. Over one third of Surrey’s land is within the Agricultural Land Reserve, a provincial zone that recognises agriculture as its primary use. Surrey is home to nearly 500 farms and as a result, agriculture plays a crucial role in Surrey’s economy.

The Bose Family Farm have raised over 62,000 turkeys, a quantity that yields roughly 500,000 kilograms of meat. And Honeybee Centre rents thousands of honey bee colonies to Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley fruit growers, pollinating close to $100 million dollars worth of fruit annually! Rondriso Farms and Pumpkin Patch is a traditional family farm, committed to naturally-raised beef and pesticide-free produce. And Zaklan Heritage Farm utilises an intensive cropping style; the vegetables and fruits produced on the farm are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Many of these farms are family-run, having been handed down over multiple generations. We think that’s pretty special. But what we really find extraordinary is the way this agriculture industry involves and impacts our local food scene.

You know the old adage: “Food brings people together”. Well, it’s not just the act of dining together that brings us closer to our fellow humans, but the act of growing, making and serving food too.

The weekly Surrey Urban Farmers Market is a way for consumers (local and visiting!) to connect directly with the farmers who grow their food. The knowledge that comes from this type of interaction creates a deeper understanding of every meal, which in our opinion makes it even more delicious!

As far as other businesses are concerned, an increasing number of restaurants in Surrey are subscribing to the ‘farm to table’ ideology, an initiative that takes locally-grown food from the farmer directly to the consumer. It’s an easy philosophy to adopt in a city that’s overflowing with farms and locally-owned restaurants. Many other small food-related businesses also share unique and profound connections that are mutually beneficial. When one business succeeds, they both prosper. This is Surrey’s business community in a nutshell. It’s an ongoing circle of support and unity that we take great pride in!

One thing’s for certain, a sense of community is essential in order for small businesses to thrive. Another bonus? With a food scene this broad and connected, one visit to Surrey means you’ll surely get a taste of it.